Our Saga

Nordavind is a Norwegian organization established in 2011 as BX3 esports club which rebranded on 9th February 2018 in collaboration with the Norwegian football club Vålerenga Fotball.

The organization shares facilities with its football club counterpart at Intility Arena. Subscribing to a line of thought coined «Downloaded minimalism», Nordavind aims to harmonize traditional Scandinavian design virtues with iconic imagery and technological shrewdness while bridging the gap between traditional and electronic sports. Humble, confident, competent – speak softly and carry a big stick.


Stein W. View profile
Stein W.
Name Stein Wilmann
Hometown Oslo
Age 35
Role General Manager
Steffen W. View profile
Steffen W.
Name Steffen Willumsen
Hometown Oslo
Age 28
Role Commercial Director
Sindre S. View profile
Sindre S.
Name Sindre Stien
Hometown Oslo
Age 23
Role Creative Manager
Jasmeet G. View profile
Jasmeet G.
Name Jasmeet Gill
Hometown Oslo
Age 27
Role Player Coordinator
Sigve L. View profile
Sigve L.
Name Sigve Løndal
Hometown Ålesund
Age 23
Role Engagement Coordinator