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Phenom View profile
Name Arman Hanjani
Hometown Oslo
Age 23
Role Player
Hunterace View profile
Name Casper Notto Pettersen
Hometown Oslo
Age 18
Role Player
Sak0ner View profile
Name Mats Sørum
Hometown Oslo
Age 20
Role Player
NordavindGG 14 May 2019

About 2 hours until kickoff. Will the boys remain undefeated? Watch all the matches live on!

@Nordavindgg 22 May 2019
Today we have 2 games of CS:GO ESEA Advanced, packed with action for you to enjoy! ⚔️ Wildcats 🕖 19:00 CEST 📺…
NordavindGG 27 Mar 2019

Find someone that looks at you the way these two look at each other! . . . . . . . . . . . #esport #football #eserien #dnb #fifa #fifa19 #gaming #playstation4 #play

NordavindGG 18 Apr 2019

Copenhagen Games day #1! As of this post we are waiting for our match against @copenhagenflames!

@Nordavindgg 22 May 2019
Live in a few minutes vs @Ambush_gg! Tune in and catch us playing Inferno!
NordavindGG 01 Mar 2019

Våre samarbeidspartnere i @elkjop_no feirer Gaming Weekend denne helgen og har i den sammenheng har de satt ned prisene på en hel rekke produkter. Ikke helt sikker på hva du trenger på veien til å bli en e-sport uttøver? Sjekk ut linker under 👇 ✅

@Nordavindgg 22 May 2019
That's a collateral! @haIlzerk how do you do that?!
NordavindGG 17 Mar 2019

Nordavind in Cooperation with @houseofnerds_no will from the 2nd of April launch Nordavind Akademiet. Read more 👇

@Nordavindgg 22 May 2019
Interested in becoming a better @FortniteGame player? Check out @marrentm's latest video on how to qualify for the…
@Nordavindgg 22 May 2019
We fall short on Dust 2 and lose the map to Wildcats 16-11. Next up is @Ambush_gg 21:00 CEST at…

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Lenovo Legion y740

Lenovo Legion y740

The daily driver for the newly crowned Hearthstone World Champion, Hunterace and the rest of the Hearthstone division. The laptops are also used by the coaching and staff for match review.

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